Summer in England

Sometimes it can seem like you have to go far away to get away from it all. But escapes can be right around the corner. We’ve been having some really sunny weekends here in the UK, so we decided to take advantage of the weather, rent a car and go travelling.

We first went to a quintessentially English town, Bourton on the water. There are places you can get all-day cream teas. I’m not a big fan of afternoon tea in the morning, but I was definitely the exception in our group! The town itself is charming and we walked along the stream for a while. We did try to dip our toes in, but the stream was quite cold and we decided that we’d better leave the bathing to the kids.


I also took a picture of our drive around the Cotswolds.


We then drove to Blenheim Palace. I have to admit that I’m a republican and don’t usually like visiting palaces (unless it’s France, for obvious reasons!). However, the grounds of Blenheim take my breath away. It is quite expensive though –  if you live in the UK, convert your one-off ticket to an annual pass. We did this last year so it was free to enter.

2012-08-27 14.16.26  IMG_1427  2012-08-27 14.52.56 IMG_1432

Finally, we drove into Oxford. We were lucky enough to have some friends there that gave us terrific recommendations. My top three picks (if you had only a couple of hours) would be to visit the meadow near Christ Church, see the Pitt River Museum, and climb up  127 stairs in St Mary’s Church for views like this…


Oh, and get an ice cream at George & Danver’s!

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